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Does a metal roof appreciate my home’s value more than a shingled roof? 
A metal roof adds to your home’s value long after installation due to low maintenance and virtually no replacement cost. 

A metal roof is also a sound investment for even the most environmental and energy conscious driven consumer: there are paint systems available that offer “cool roof,” Energy Star® ratings due to their reflective nature; much of the steel in our products is also made of recyclable materials eliminating landfill, waste issues. 

Will a metal roof fit my home’s style? 
Metal roofs are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors to match all types of traditional, modern, and contemporary homes. 

What sort of steel and paints are used in metal roof products? 
H&H Metal Products utilizes domestic steel mills for the best quality steel and paint manufacturers state-of-the art paint systems; we specify the thickness of the steel material as well as the paint formulation and rust corrosion coatings utilized for long-lasting, durable metal roofing products. 

Is a metal roof safe for my home? 
Metal roofs offer improved safety benefits over traditional shingles: higher fire ratings, stronger wind uplift ratings, higher resistance to hail damage and resistance to mold and mildew. 

Will a metal roof be noisy? 
Concerned about noise of a “tin roof?” Don’t be! More noise actually passes through windows and doors than through any roof regardless of its composition. Your H&H Metal Products roof is installed over solid decking before the metal roofing is applied. Add the blown in insulation onto your ceiling and you will have a consistently quite, dependable roofing product 


Why use metal roofing and siding on post-frame buildings? 
Metal roof & wall panels offer long-life alternatives to other siding products and are available in a vast array of colors. Metal panels, like our Uni-Panel™, literally add strength to the building structure due to the use of screw fasteners and their fastening pattern. 

How do I insulate a post-frame building? 
Similar insulation products are used for homes. Fiberglass blanket insulation rolls available in 4’ wide by 100’ are available with re-enforced vinyl backing. Foam board 4’x8’ sheets, reflective insulation (plastic bubble faced with foil or vinyl backing), and fan-fold foam board 4’x50’ are also good options for insulating your post-frame building. Ask H&H today about options and recommended installation methods to ensure the right choice for your project. 

How do I ventilate my post-frame building? 
Post-frame construction allows several methods of ventilating and attic space or the peak of the truss ceiling. Ridge ventilation products, overhang ventilation products and gable vents are all excellent options for ventilating your building. Call H&H for more details. 

What options do I have for finishing the interior of my post-frame building?
Post-frame construction gives you more flexibility to finishing the interior of your building than most other types of construction. Due to the continuous span of the roof trusses, you can add walls or rooms of any type where ever you desire without worrying about a ‘load-bearing’ wall. An excellent option would be to utilize H&H’s White, perforated ™ -Panel for good, clean looks, increase lighting and acoustical qualities and durability to the interior walls and ceiling.